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Orlando Car Detailing

Car Detailing in Orlando!

We are the #1 car detailing service in Orlando, Florida! Throughout the last few years, we brought affordable, convenient, and professional detailing services to the residents of Orlando. When people search “car detailing near me“, they arrive at our website. Why? Well, we are the trusted auto detail service in the Orlando area.

Do you know the difference between auto detailing and car washing? If not, we would love to inform you! When washing a car, only the exterior of the vehicle receives a basic cleaning. While detailing cars in Orlando, our experienced professionals ensure the car is spotless – inside and outside. We detail the exterior of vehicles, and we clean the interior. Unlike a traditional car wash, detailing doesn’t use automated systems. We are proud to complete 100% of our work by hand. Additionally, we are a mobile detailing service. We’ll travel to you when detailing your car! At Orlando Car Detail, our customers are always the first priority.

Orlando Auto Detailing
Auto Detailing Orlando
Mobile Car Detailing Orlando

Mobile Detailing in Orlando

We bring a professional auto detailing service to your driveway. Yes, we will literally detail your vehicle in your driveway! As Orlando’s mobile detailing service, we always serve our clients at their convenience. Since we are a mobile service, we will detail your automobile at your Florida home… or your work! We are proud to offer a full range of auto detailing services to meet our customers’ requirements. Depending on your needs, we can focus on the interior or the exterior. With mobile car detailing in Orlando, it’s easy to maintain your car’s value through the years.

Exterior Detailing

When you detail the exterior of your car, do you simply wash the body of the car? Well, an exterior detail is much more at Orlando Car Detail. After our detailers work on your car, your vehicle will shine like you day you bought it. If you wish, we can minimize the appearance of scratches or protect the paint with a professional wax application. Our exterior detailing process always involves cleaning and restoration of a vehicle’s outer parts – windows, wheels, tires, body panels, and more. Without professional equipment this isn’t possible, so we bring premium equipment and materials to every job. We use only the best detergents, polishes, and waxes to create the perfect like-new exterior finish. Do you want to learn more about our exterior detailing process?

First, we begin with a simple wash. Although many car washes are automated in Orlando, our mobile car wash is always completed by hand. Without a proper hand wash, not all the dirt and grime will be removed from the vehicle’s paint. We use a high-powered foam spray to remove large chunks of grime, but then we thoroughly wash the exterior by hand. With our detailing services, your vehicle will get special attention on the glass, door jambs, rims, and other outer parts.

Second, we will use a clay bar. Clay bar applications remove impurities, overspray, and other residues that don’t come off with regular soap. Unfortunately, clay bar application does cost extra because it’s an extremely time consuming paint protection method. After applying the clay bar, we polish the paint. Our special polishes will restore your car’s like-new shine. Last, we will preserve the glossy shine by applying high-quality sealants and waxes. Daily use will take its toll on a vehicle’s finish; however, our auto detailing services in Orlando will protect your car from damage!

Interior Detailing

Though a vehicle’s outer appearance is important, we’re equally focused on what’s on the inside. Interior automobile detailing in Orlando requires a great deal of time and effort. A dirty, grungy cabin not only smells bad, but it can also interfere with the safe and normal operation of a vehicle. A dirty cabin air filter will spread allergens and pollutants throughout the interior. Grit and grime may cause electrical components to fail, and dirty windows may obstruct a driver’s view. In these cases, cleaning a vehicle’s interior is much more than washing it with soap and water. With regular car detailing, you can keep your car clean, sanitary, and safe.

When we detail the interior of a vehicle, we deep clean its inner parts, such as its seats, plastic panels, and carpeting. To provide a safe, sanitary clean, we use techniques such as vacuuming, steam cleaning, and sterilization. First, we’ll vacuum the headliners, seats, trunk, cargo area, and rear package tray. For the best results, floor mats and carpets will be cleaned separately. As for hard-to-reach areas, compressed air may be used. Second, we will steam clean and brush mats and carpets. We’ll thoroughly scrub your floor mats to remove years of built-up blemishes and stains, and we’ll use a steam cleaner for maximum effect. Then, we’ll dry the mats and carpet thoroughly to prevent mildew. 

Without clean windows, driving can be a dangerous task. So, we use an industrial-strength glass cleaner to keep your windows sparkling and your view clear. After cleaning the interior windows, we clean and restore the leather surfaces. We use special cleaners and saddle soap to clean leather upholstery, and we remove excess soap with a damp microfiber cloth. If the leather is extremely dry, then we will restore the soft feel with conditioner. After we’ve cleaned and sanitized the interior of your vehicle, we’ll give it a once-over with the vacuum to remove any residual dirt. Following our Orlando detailing services, your car’s interior will look and feel like new.

Car Wash

A full detail isn’t always necessary. When you just need a quick cleanup, we offer standard washing services. It’s easy to keep things clean between visits; just work on one area each week, and each detail will take less time. For instance, it should only take 10-15 minutes to vacuum a car. However, if it’s been a while, it may take a little longer. We’ll happily wash your car in Orlando, even if you’re just looking for basic services! We do plenty of jobs that are simple cleanings. In Florida, cars are always in need of cleaning off the road grime.

Professional Detailing in Orlando

In Florida, car enthusiasts are on every block. Throughout the city of Orlando, we’ve been working with these car fanatics for years. We’ve detailed classic cars, luxury cars, and even rustic antique vehicles. We all love our cars, but do we take care of them? Though most people try to take good care of their vehicles, life can get in the way. With professional detailing services, however, it’s easy to give your car the TLC it needs.

Unless you’re driving for a living, an interior detailing should be done at least twice per year. If the car hasn’t been cleaned in a while, the initial cleaning may take a little longer. When cars are detailed regularly, they retain their new look and feel for years. A car is a big investment for most people, and frequent detailing is an excellent way to protect that investment. We provide car detailing in Orlando, and our partners provide car detailing in San Diego, CA. San Diego Car Detailing is the best auto detailing service in San Diego, CA!

“Car Detailing Near Me”

An automobile is a big investment, and Orlando car detailing can help protect its value. When a vehicle is neglected, it’s worth less, but professional detailing will bring it back to a like-new look and feel. If you’re trading or selling a car, a thorough detail will increase the vehicle’s value and ensure a faster sale. We take pride in our work, and we’ll provide personalized service that makes you happy. We have the equipment, tools, and materials to do the job right. We are the car detailing company of Orlando, FL.

Additionally, detailing will keep the car in beautiful shape. Over time, surface contaminants can cause severe damage to the paint on a vehicle. As a vehicle is subject to the elements, it will pick up and retain contaminants that typical car washes can’t remove. Bugs, road grime, and salt can all wreak havoc on your car’s finish, but we’ll help protect it. Also, we will correct swirls and scratches. These imperfections are often caused by automatic car washes and improper buffer use. They cause serious damage to a vehicle’s clear coat, but proper detailing can make them disappear.

Why Detail Your Automobile? 

At Orlando Auto Detailing, we understand the benefits of car detailing services. First, auto detailing improves the safety of your vehicle. For example, glass coatings can improve wet-weather visibility, and headlight restoration will help you see better at night. Second, car detailing maintains the condition of your automobile. For example, we provide an engine steam cleaning service. This service will fully restore your engine to like-new condition. Engines that are free of grime and dirt perform at their peak performance. We take pride in our work, and we’ll provide personalized service that makes you happy. We have the equipment, tools, and materials to do the job right. Here are a few more reasons to have your car detailed in Orlando:

Interior Cleanliness 

Pet dander, dust, and pollen can build up quickly. If you’re suffering from seasonal allergies, routine interior cleanings may prevent the buildup of allergens. Regular cabin air filter changes will prevent outside dust and pollen from getting into the vehicle. Though it’s impossible to keep all allergens out of a car, regular upkeep will prevent major issues.

Over time, vehicles often acquire odors that aren’t very appealing. Life happens, and even if you’re careful, your car may start to smell. Regular vacuuming and detailing will prevent odor buildup and keep your car smelling great. With our Orlando mobile detailing, you can prevent interior odors in your vehicle.

Car Exterior Protection

If you’re searching for car detailers in Orlando, then hire the best company available! When you hire inexperienced car detailing companies, then you should expect to pay extra fixing their mistakes. Most people don’t realize it, but using the wrong tools and products can cause thousands of dollars in paint damage. Save money and avoid the risk of unnecessary damage by hiring a detailing specialist.

A thorough auto detail involves a cleaning of the undercarriage. Salt and road grime can cause serious damage to metal parts, but regular cleanings may reduce the effects. With an engine bay and undercarriage detail, it’s easy to get rid of the dirt that builds up during everyday use. Our detailers can expand the life of your car’s frame and under body.

Vehicle Maintenance

Wheels and tires are some of the dirtiest parts of a vehicle. They collect mud, road tar, and other forms of dirt and grime. It can be costly to replace a set of wheels or tires, but we can help. With our specialized equipment and cleaning products, we’ll keep your tires and wheels in good condition. Avoid expensive wheel repair and tire replacement with our mobile detailing services.

Stop-and-go traffic can be rough on a vehicle’s parts, especially its brakes. When brake pads suffer from wear and tear, the dust often settles on a car’s wheels. But when vehicles are washed at least once a month, brake dust isn’t a big issue. However, it can be quite problematic once it’s attached. With regular auto detailing, it’s easy to keep brake dust at bay. We get rid of brake dust!

Orlando Car Detail

In Orlando, FL and the rest of the country, car detailing used to be a niche service that was typically provided to auto dealers. While these dealers simply wanted to get cars ready for sale – and cared little about the technology and tools used in the process – today’s auto detailing industry is much different.

Today, people are paying more for their vehicles and keeping them much longer. Next to your home, your car is the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Florida auto detailers will help you protect that investment and preserve its value for years to come.

The auto detailing industry has gone through a period of unprecedented growth within the past several years, and the trend shows no signs of stopping. There are numerous reasons for the increased popularity of detailing services, such as an increased demand for vehicles.

Since the recession of 2008, people are holding onto their vehicles longer. However, as consumer confidence has improved, new vehicle sales have climbed significantly. This is due primarily to pent-up demand. In 2016, over 17 million light-duty vehicles were registered, which is an increase of 183,000 over the previous year.

As of the beginning of 2018, there were almost 15 million vehicles registered in the state of Florida. That number has risen by over 200,000 in the past two years, and the increasing demand for automobiles is expected to continue well into the future. As more Floridians buy cars, the auto detailing industry will be there to meet the demand for high-quality car care.

The average person spends over 90 minutes per day behind the wheel. That’s almost 38,000 hours in the average lifetime! With all that time spent commuting and running errands, it’s little wonder that many drivers don’t have time to take care of their cars. That’s why we’re here. Professional auto detailers take care of ATVs, boats, motorcycles, RVs, trucks, and cars. When owners want their vehicles to look great, they’re glad to pay for a job well done.

Final Thoughts about Orlando Auto Detailing

Americans have long had a love affair with their cars, and those feelings won’t subside any time soon. When you love something, you take care of it, and auto detailing is a great way to take care of a prized possession. Whether you’ve bought an old car, are preparing to sell yours, or you just want to recapture a vehicle’s former beauty, we’re here to help. Visit us online or call to find out how we can make your car look extraordinary. Click here to learn more! Additionally, you can find our business citations on our citations page. Thanks!