Stain Removal

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Stain Removal in Orlando

At Orlando Auto Detailing, we offer stain removal services! Typically, interior car detailing services in Central Florida don’t offer stain removal. Although we offer plenty mobile detailing services, our customers love our stain removal service! Obviously, accidents happen… Do you have stubborn stains on the interior of your vehicle? Well, we’ve removed lots of stains of the past few weeks. Specifically, we’ve removed ketchup stains, coffee stains, blood stains, and grease stains. If you’re worried about stains on your seats, then give us a call! As a professional auto detailing service, we have the proper equipment to remove stains throughout your automobile! After agitating the stain with a steam cleaner, we utilize a hot water extractor to remove the stain from the upholstery. Although stains tend to occur on cloth seats, we offer stain removal for leather seats too! Although the process to remove stains is a bit different, we have the skills to remove stubborn stains from any type of surface! 

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