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Auto Detailing Orlando

Auto Detailing in Orlando

Did you love the way the exterior of your car looked when you first drove it home? Even if it was not new off the lot, it likely had a special luster and shine that you appreciated. Do you want to achieve that again? If so, you cannot rely on a traditional wash and wax job. What you need is a team of professionals who will go above and beyond the standard to ensure that you get these high-quality results.

Our services provide the exterior of your vehicle with a complete rejuvenation. We can take care of all outside surfaces from the paint and glass to the tires and rims.

Thanks to the tested and true process that we use, you can feel confident that all signs of dust, dirt, and debris will be removed. This also helps to ensure that the shine and luster of your vehicle is restored. 

Exterior Car Detailing

After we have successfully removed all contaminants, our team polishes the paint to fully restore the surface. The final step of or cleaning process includes the use of a high-quality wax, which provides long-lasting protection.

Our actual cleaning process is not the only thing that helps to set our service apart from the competition. We also offer professional washing solutions, handled by our trained and experienced team, by hand, using a microfiber mitt. At this point, we remove all bugs, tar, or sap that have become stuck to the exterior of your vehicle and clean away any brake dust from your rims and tires. 

Car Wash

Once we are fully satisfied that all signs of dirt and contamination have been removed, we will use a synthetic chamois to hand dry the surface. This process helps us eliminate the possibility of water spots or streaks on the surface. We will wash the mirrors and windows to make sure they are crystal clear and that driving will not be hindered by dirt or dust.

Do not worry though – we still will not be done at this point.

We are not satisfied until every surface of your vehicle is free from dirt, including the door and trunk jambs. We even clean behind the fuel door. All rubber seals on the vehicle will also be cleaned and properly protected to ensure they do not dry out, crack, or start to rot. The paint will be carefully polished to remove light scratches, oxidation, and to provide the final boost in shine that you are looking for. 

Professional Mobile Detailers

Keep in mind though, these are just the basic exterior care services we offer to our Orlando customers. We have several upgrade options for you to choose from, as well. These are designed to go that extra step above and beyond the “norm” to ensure your vehicle gets the TLC you want and that it deserves.

Ready to schedule a mobile detailing service? If so, contact our team right away. We will be happy to restore the look of your vehicle to like new once again.

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