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Welcome to Orlando Car Detailing! We provide professional mobile detailing services throughout Orlando, FL. We’ve been detailing cars since 2017. If you’re searching for a car detailing service, then give us a call!

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Exterior Car Detailing in Orlando

Welcome to Orlando Car Detailing! We’re a professional car detailing service, and we strive to restore vehicles to showroom quality. When you drove your car home from the dealership, did the exterior shine? Well, most new cars have beautiful paint that gleams in the sunlight. After a few years of driving, car paints tend to fade. If you’re interested in restoring your vehicle, then we’d love to perform a paint correction on your car! In Orlando, you can’t rely on a simple wash. At Orlando Auto Detailing, we provide a professional car detail at an affordable price. Obviously, we always exceed expectations by using high-quality products. Although some of our exterior detailing services are an add-on, our mobile detailing services rejuvenate the exterior of vehicles. If you’re interested in a comprehensive package, then we can take care of the entire exterior. Typically, our complete detail leaves our customers satisfied. We’ll wash the car by hand, restore the headlights, and correct the paint!

Exterior Auto Detailing in Orlando, FL

Although we offer basic exterior detailing packages, we have several add-on services for our customers too. Typically, the add-on services are designed to thoroughly restore the exterior of a vehicle. For example, our add-on services include paint correction. We provide affordable car detailing packages; however, we have professional car detailing packages that include more expensive services too. If you’re searching for headlight restoration, then you’ll be interested in our more expensive exterior detailing packages. Are you searching for paint correction in Orlando, FL? Well, we’ve been correcting paint for years! If you’re interested in our paint correction services, then click here.

At Orlando Car Detailing, we always begin our exterior details with a car wash! We wash cars by hand. Typically, we use pre-soak to loosen dirt from the exterior of the vehicle. After the pre-soak has loosened the grime, we begin working through our proven car wash process. First, we remove the dirt with soapy sponges. After scrubbing the entire vehicle, we pressure wash the exterior to remove the soap. At this point, the vehicle should be sparkling clean. Now, we focus on drying the surface to eliminate the possibility of water sports on the surface. We use waffle-weave towels to dry cars. In addition to removing lots of water, they don’t scratch the paint! After the car wash is complete, we turn our focus to the windows. We’ll clean the windows to ensure that driving visibility isn’t hindered. Additionally, we’ll clean the mirrors. Although the exterior of the car appears clean, we still aren’t done! Last, we focus on the door jambs, trunk jambs, and the fuel tank guard. We’re a professional detailing service, and we strive to treat our customers like family.

Are you ready to schedule a mobile car detail? If so, give us a call! At Orlando Car Detailing, we provide professional interior detailing services at an affordable price.

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