Ceramic Coating

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Ceramic Coating Services in Orlando

Are you searching for ceramic coating services in Orlando, FL? At Orlando Car Detail, we’ve been providing ceramic coating application since 2017. We’re considered the best ceramic coating installers in the Greater Orlando Area. Unfortunately, the roadways in Orlando aren’t too clean. If you drive in Orlando, then harsh contaminants from the highways continuously scratch your car. Generally, car detailing services remove these scratches through paint correction. After removing the scratches, sealant (wax) should be applied to prevent new scratches from appearing. At Orlando Auto Detail, we prefer to apply ceramic coating to protect cars. Typically, ceramic coatings last more than a year. So, what is ceramic coating? Ceramic coating is a durable sealant for automotive paint. We apply ceramic coating in liquid form, and the ceramic coating cures to form a sealant on the paint. At Orlando Mobile Detail, we apply ceramic coating to protect the paint of an automobile. Specifically, ceramic coating protects from blemishes, scratches, and swirls. After applying ceramic coating, harmful UV rays won’t damage the paint. Additionally, ceramic coating creates water beading surfaces that gives a glossy shine.

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